Hudson Hall Rental

Day $/day
Weekdays $50.00
Weekends $100.00
Holidays $100.00

Hudson Multi-Use Building Rentals

Day $/day
Weekdays $100.00
Weekends $100.00
Holidays $100.00

For booking either the Hudson Hall or Multi-Use Hall, please contact the municipal office and have the following form filled out:    Hudson Twp Facility Rental Form

Special Occassional Permit (SOP) from LCBO $150.00 per day.

Rental Fees for both buildings on same day with or without SOP $200.00 per day.


Hours are: 9am - 9pm (Sun-Thurs)

9am - 10pm (Fri & Sat)

Due to weather, the Hudson Skating Rink is occasionally closed during the Winter Season.  Please visit the Hudson Recreation facebook page (link below) for updates on closures.


Pike Lake Park

There are no lifeguards at Pike Lake. Any recreational activity undertaken at this park is at your own risk. Never leave children alone or unattended at the park. When using the park, please keep the vehicles outside the barriers and do not drive vehicles within the park area.

There is a floating dock and playground equipment that was installed for people to enjoy at the park at Pike Lake. This project was supported by the Government of Canada through the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program, and Frog's Breath Foundation.

Each person is responsible for removing their own garbage as there are no garbage containers on site.  Please help keep our park clean by picking up all garbage.