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New Landfill Hours Effective July 27 2022

Property Taxes Due

2022 Final Property Taxes are due September 15 2022.  Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payments are now accepted from several major financial institutions.  Cash or Cheques, in CAD funds only, are also accepted and can be mailed or dropped off.  The Municipal Office is located at 903303 Hanbury Rd New Liskeard ON and open from 8am-4pm. A drop box is also located at the Municipal Office for your convenience.


The Municipal Office will be closed Monday October 10 2022.  Wising you all a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving.

Employment Opportunity

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Road Assistant Job Ad 2022

Township of Hudson

Full Time Position – Public Works Department

The Township of Hudson is seeking qualified applicants for a full time position in the Public Works Department. The individual will assist the Roads Superintendent by performing maintenance, construction, and/or repair work related to roads, ditches, and equipment, etc. It is expected that the applicant can proficiently operate various types of equipment such as grader, tractor, loader, light and heavy-duty trucks, snow plowing equipment and various other types of motorized equipment.

The individual should able to work independently as the Road Superintendent directs and will; respond to winter road, or culvert emergency work; Coordinate maintenance and repair of equipment to avoid operational interruptions; Inspect roads for sanding or plowing during winter events; Follow standard safety procedures and regulations; Keep work, time and material records; and Report work to supervisor;

The applicant should have a secondary school diploma, a valid DZ license at a minimum, at least five years of experience in a roads operation/construction environment, and knowledge of construction and maintenance standards and procedures are required. Experience with various types of heavy equipment including dump trucks, snow ploughs, loaders, and grader is required. You should have the ability to operate various hand and power equipment/tools; have excellent interpersonal, project/time management, analytical, communication, public relations and problem-solving skills. This job offers enrolment in OMERS pension, and a benefit package.

Resumes will be accepted until September 26, 2022 by mail, fax or email and can be addressed to Jordan Kemp, Clerk-Treasurer.

Jordan Kemp, Clerk-Treasurer
Township of Hudson
903303 Hanbury Rd, R.R. 2
New Liskeard, ON
P0J 1P0
Fax: 705-647-6373

We thank all applicants and advise that only those selected for an interview will be contacted . Personal information will be used for determining eligibility for potential employment and is pursuant to the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.


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Township of Hudson

The historical period we are dealing with is late, starting in the 1890s. Consequently, the first settlers had experienced urban amenities or the conveniences of mature farming districts in Ontario, the United States, Britain, and other European countries. Their reasons for coming were varied but here they were, cutting bush, turning over virgin soil, or prospecting for minerals. This was the spirit of "New Ontario".

Electricity, although available in towns like New Liskeard, did not reach Hudson farms until the early 1950's. Oil lamps were in common use until then.

The geographical setting of Hudson before this area was even surveyed is interesting because of its position in the Canadian Shield. 12,000 years ago Hudson was under ice and most of it was under the ancient glacial Lake Barlow which formed as the ice melted. As these mountains of ice receded, aboriginal people lived, hunted, and passed through this terrain. Ancient arrow points have been found around Twin Lakes.

Before the land could be 'taken up', it had to be surveyed and channeled through government agencies since it was Crown Land, and in 1897, ten years after the survey was completed, settlers moved in.

According to the census of 1901, the population officially stood at 46, but it should be noted that the Census Day was officially April 1, and did not count several settlers who came later in May or June.

It is a misconception that everyone who came up Lake Temiskaming and trudged out to Hudson came from the same mould. Some survived solely working in the lumber trade. Not everyone was a farmer nor, truth be told, wanted to be one. Some were land speculators including those who were given Veteran's land grants and who held on to their lots until Hudson was developed so they could sell out -- all without lifting an axe. Still others came and found to their horror they simply couldn't deal with the challanges of clearing land or having to do without. These people sold out or simply walked away from their land which, in the final count, left a bunch of hardy souls. Today, there are numerous decendants of the original land settlers who occupy farms or reside on smaller severed lots.

-Excerpts from "I've got to stop here until I'm called for" by Norman Hawirko and Margaret Arnott